Sims3 Blue Houseboat 藍船屋

   Song:  Beyond the Sea

Built with all Eps up to Island Paradise.

模擬市民3 , 世界歷險記, 夢想起飛, 夜店人生, 花樣年華, 完美寵物, 華麗舞台,

異能新世紀, 四季, 大學生活, 島嶼天堂.

EA Store items (not included) 商店物件不包含:
Corsair Table
Bayside Hamper

註: 部分物件使用 "Mutske Floral 1209small" &
"Mutske Floral 1203" 圖樣不會自動出現
此圖樣已經包含在檔案中, 請在遊戲中自行調整喔!

Note: *The "Mutske Floral 1209small" &
"Mutske Floral 1203" patterns that I used for
some objects will not show up automatically. 
After you place the lot, please manually
reset the patterns. They are included in the download file,
thank you!

DOWNLOAD / Mirror 下載

CC download sites: Ruby 推薦自訂物件下載網站 Sims3

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