Sims3 Carson Library 禁閉的圖書館

Built with all Eps up to Showtime. (No stuff packs)

(模擬市民3 , 世界歷險記, 夢想起飛, 夜店人生, 花樣年華, 完美寵物, 華麗舞台)

EA Store items 物件:  Gothique Window, Fleur de Luce Chandelier, Whodunnit Curtains,
Gothique Flower Vase, Le Cirque Esprit- Dramatic Entrance Wall Arch, Morris Curtain,
Gothique Painting, Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book o' Spells, Reynard The Raven,
Oval Gothique Painting, Generation Clock, Gothique Candle Stool,
Statue of an Unknown Seamstress, B. Harvard's Water Collection Set, Velvet Seclusion,
Gothique Living Chair, Commodious Commode, Gothique Dining Chair, Old Town Dining Table.

**關於大廳牆壁圖樣會出不來 請放置房屋後手調一下風格圖樣 都包含與安裝到遊戲裡了.

*The autumnflowerdv pattern that I used for the walls
will not show up automatically.
After you place the lot, please manually reset the pattern.
It is included in the download file
and is installed in your game, thank you!

*After you place the house, if there's a pit on the ground.  To fix this problem, please place
Carson Library on a 50x50 empty lot.  Then use landscape tools to adjust the surrounding
**如放置房屋有地層下陷問題 可以放置於50X50用地 再用和緩地形將周邊地形調整即可.

Simplified Version Download at TSR 
下載簡單裝潢版於TSR (39MB)
Full Version 原版禁閉圖書館 (94MB)   

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