Sims3 Rose Cottage 玫瑰莊園

耗時一個多月終於完成了 我的第一間鄉村風莊園, 某天看到了Jim Mitchel l 童話別墅油畫,

所啟發的夢幻法式莊園, 希望大家會喜歡囉!  




Built with all Eps up to Showtime. (No Stuff Packs)
版本: 模擬市民3 , 世界歷險記, 夢想起飛, 夜店人生, 花樣年華, 完美寵物, 華麗舞台

EA store objects:  (EA 商店物件)
Pedro Estate Door II, Vineyard Trellis Door, Poetic Justice Wall Sconce, Flambeaux Wall Lamp, Anachronism VCT, Topper, Commodious Commode, Dulcinea Guitar, Crazy for Cuckoo, The Don Pedro Bookshelf, Not-A-Street Floor Lamp, Thanksgiving Floor Cart by Louie’s Market, Velvet Seclusion, Vase of Grace, Gothique Candle Stool, Romantique Floor Mirror, Generation Clock, Exotic Pineapple Light, Moelleux Living Chair, Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Lush Bloom Lily Vase, High-Life Fireplace, The Big Cheese Coat Rack, Retronator Stove, Morris Curtain, Gothique Painting, Galileo’s Observer, Country Carved Tableware Cabinet, Rustic Hanging Basket.

*The floral patterns that I used for some objects
will not show up automatically.
After you place the lot, please manually reset the patterns.
They are included in the download file, thank you!

請放置用地後自行調整喔! 謝謝!

"簡化版" 下載! 詳細圖片請前往 TSR~~

Download Full Version of Rose Cottage 272MB

(Updated 2013/12/09)

下載 迪士尼小姐與流氓的狗狗  
Download Disney Little Lady

CC download sites: Ruby 推薦自訂物件下載網站 Sims3

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